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Free weather forecasts and weather charts

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free thumbRegister now only with your email account and get access to local weather forecasts up to 7 days and  free professional weather charts up to 48 hrs in advance.

All weather charts and weather informations are udated 4 times a day.
at approx.  05:00, 11:00, 17:00 and 23:00 UTC/GMT  

GRIB-Data - Download EN

GRIB Data - Downloads

WEATHER365 GRIB Services

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During the big regattas of this world they are by now an essential part of the crews equipment-The weather experts.

Do you also want to use the advantages of an exact forecast of wind and waves? Whether you start a recreational sailing trip in the Mediterranean today, participate in a semi-professional regatta in the North Atlantic Ocean or do run a commercial ship and sailing business -  with WEATHER365 GRIB data service  you always feed your navigation hardware with the right basic data. 
You’ll always know how high the next wave is, in which direction the wind blows and when a storm nears. Uncertainties about the weather changes are a thing of the past with WEATHER365 GRIB,
We arrange your required data in packages - also for Iridium and satelite transfer - small data amounts with great effects- compatible with all current navigation installations on sailing-ships, motor yachts, fishing ships and for the whole area of commercial sailing.

WEATHER365 Gridded Marine data are available for 48h, 72h or 120h forecasts and up to 0,1° spatial resolution.

Available sea areas are: 

grib weather data 2

Mediterranean and Black Sea
North Sea and Baltic Sea
Atlantic Ocean and bordering areas
Pacific Ocean 
Indian Ocean and bordering areas
Polar Sea

Do you miss your favorite sea area ? Please feel free to contact us and let us know which sea area you need.

GRIB Files are in 0.25 DEG resolution and with 3h intervals.  
Updates twice a day. Approx at 7am UTC and 7pm UTC. 


weather subscription premium

WEATHER365 Premium Weather Service

Become a professional in planning your leisure activities and get to know how the weather will be 120 hours from now!

With WEATHER365 Premium Weather Services you have immediate access to over 20 different weather prediction parameters which include for example wind, clouds, precipitation etcetera.

Thanks to weather forecasts for single parts of the day Premium Weather Service enables you to exactly time your outdoor activities.

All forecasts are calculated up to four times a day and are available in a very convenient 3-hour rhythm. 

Of course all Premium Weather services are ad free!

These exclusive services are awaiting you in our Premium Weather Service 

  • 20 different forecast parameters
  • 120 hour forecasting timeframe
  • Weather charts in high spatial and temporal  resolution in a 3-hour rhythm


 marine weather subscription

WEATHER365 Marine Weather Service

Next to the advantages of the Premium Weather Service, WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service offers a lot of other exclusive features for people who prefer to be on the water instead on the land.

With WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service you gain access to detailed region maps for all sea areas worldwide with a forecast timeframe of 120 hours in 3-hour intervals.

Start planning your sailing trip with the WEATHER365 Maritime Weather Service and all its important parameters like wave height, wave intensity, wind force and wind direction and of course with the more than 20 parameters included in the Premium Service.

These exclusive services are awaiting you in our Premium Weather Service

  • Access to detailed region maps for all sea areas worldwide
  • All important parameters like wave height, wave intensity, wind force and wind direction in a 120 hour forecasting timeframe
  • Weather charts in high spatial and temporal  resolution in a 3-hour rhythm
  • 20 different forecasting parameters


 professional weather forecast

WEATHER365 - Weather for professional use

With our Professional Weather Service you are able to fully overview the weather. Regardless of whether you have an own Weather Service,  possess a flying school or run an offshore wind farm, the Weather365 Professional Weather Service supplies you with every needed data to make professional weather predictions!

Weather365 Professional Weather Service of course also allocates all weather charts in the accustomed high spatial and temporal resolution in a 3-hour rhythm. Further you enjoy the advantages of 168 hour prediction timeframe.

You are able to retrieve your weather data “just-in-time” right after every recalculation which takes place up to four times a day.

Over 30 forecasting parameters including altitude weather charts and other special charts (e.g. soil moisture and soil temperature) allow you to make precisely accurate predictions.

With its high horizontal and spatial resolution of 5-10m Weather365 Professional Weather Service provides one of the world’s most precise weather services.

These exclusive features are awaiting you in our Professional Weather Service

  • Access to over 30 forecasting parameters including altitude weather charts
  • Access to our special charts. For example stability charts (CAPE and 4LFTX)
  • Forecast of soil temperature and soil moisture
  • Forecasting timeframe of up to 168 hours
  • Horizontal and spatial resolution of 5-10m2 through our regional W2F-Weathermodel
  • Dynamic calculation of al weather charts on demand and in real-time
  • GRIB data for weather programs like OCENS or TELEMATIK-Systems
  • Exact wind an thermic data
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