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Current weather conditions

19-Apr-2015 09:00 CEST/CEDT
CityWeather conditionsTemp.Measuring time CityWeather conditionsTemp.Measuring time
Live Weather conditions - all values without guarantee
Parisslightly cloudy9 °C09:00Amsterdamcloudy8 °C09:00
Londoncloudy7 °C09:00Bristolheavily cloudy3 °C09:00
Liverpoolcloudy6 °C09:00Manchesterheavily cloudy4 °C09:00
Newcastleheavily cloudy6 °C09:00Edinburghheavily cloudy4 °C09:00
Belfastslightly cloudy5 °C09:00Dublincloudy7 °C09:00
Shannonslightly cloudy8 °C09:00Glasgowovercast5 °C09:00
Aberdeenrain shower7 °C09:00New Yorkcloudy13 °C09:00
Bostonsky clear8 °C09:00Washingtonslightly cloudy16 °C09:00
Miamicloudy26 °C09:00Bermudaheavily cloudy20 °C09:00
Atlantamist19 °C09:00Pittsburghslightly cloudy14 °C09:00
New Orleansheavily cloudy22 °C09:00Chicagoslightly cloudy13 °C09:00
Minneapolisovercast11 °C09:00Dallassky clear14 °C09:00
Houstencloudy18 °C09:00Salt Lake Citysky clear11 °C09:00
Las Vegasslightly cloudy23 °C09:00Los Angelessky clear14 °C09:00
San Franciscocloudy11 °C09:00Seattlesky clear11 °C09:00
Anchoragerain7 °C09:00Vancouverslightly cloudy9 °C09:00
Torontosky clear7 °C09:00Montrealsky clear3 °C09:00
Hallifaxovercast-3 °C09:00Edmontoncloudy-7 °C09:00
St. Johnsovercast-3 °C09:00Thulesky clear-22 °C09:00

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