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Forecast Europe Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cloud cover
Temperature Europe
Precipitation forecast in mm / sqm or liter/ sqm
Cloud Cover
October 22, 2014
October 22, 2014
Precipitation areas
October 22, 2014

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Current weather conditions

22-Oct-2014 09:00 CEST/CEDT
CityWeatherTemp.Measuring time CityWeatherTemp.Measuring time
Live Weather conditions - all values without guarantee / Aktuelles Wetter - Messwerte ohne Gewähr
Parisslightly cloudy8 °C09:00Amsterdamrain shower11 °C09:00
Londonslightly cloudy7 °C09:00Bristolslightly cloudy9 °C09:00
Liverpoolcloudy11 °C09:00Manchesterheavily cloudy10 °C09:00
Newcastlecloudy7 °C09:00Edinburghcloudy9 °C09:00
Belfastrain9 °C09:00Dublinheavily cloudy10 °C09:00
Shannonheavily cloudy12 °C09:00Glasgowrain10 °C09:00
Aberdeenheavily cloudy7 °C09:00New Yorkrain15 °C09:00
Bostonrain11 °C09:00Washingtonovercast11 °C09:00
Miamicloudy24 °C09:00Bermudacloudy24 °C09:00
Atlantasky clear12 °C09:00Pittsburghovercast9 °C09:00
New Orleansslightly cloudy18 °C09:00Chicagoovercast8 °C09:00
Minneapolissky clear6 °C09:00Dallasslightly cloudy19 °C09:00
Houstenslightly cloudy18 °C09:00Salt Lake Cityslightly cloudy7 °C09:00
Las Vegasslightly cloudy21 °C09:00Los Angelessky clear19 °C09:00
San Franciscocloudy17 °C09:00Seattleovercast14 °C09:00
Anchoragesky clear2 °C09:00Vancouverrain shower14 °C09:00
Torontoovercast6 °C09:00Montrealovercast7 °C09:00
Hallifaxcloudy9 °C09:00Edmontonslightly cloudy1 °C09:00
St. Johnscloudy5 °C09:00Thuleheavily cloudy-11 °C09:00

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