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OCENS GRIB-ViewerLinks zu Programen die unsere Ergebnisse der Wettermodelle und Wavewatch Berechnungen anzeigen und verarbeiten können. Die hier gelisteten Programme können mit unseren GRIB-Daten in hoher und sehr hoher räumlicher Auflösung umgehen und die Daten entsprechend darstellen.

Now any at-sea user, from day sailors to coastal cruisers and fishermen, can acquire and put to use the weather and ocean insights offered by GRIB data.

GRIB Data from weather365.net are available in 0.25deg resolution and higher ex. 0.1 deg for "racing".
  Link   OCENS GRIB Explorer
"Strengths: The best GRIB display program I've seen. Unique graphical display of all weather parameters at all time periods at cursor location. Gives you an intuitive "feel” for the weather. Displays all parameters you might want with wide range ...
  Link   Ballgate GRIB File Viewer
Grib Weather File Viewer for the yachtsman, with passage planning, utilities, tools ...
  Link   GRIB Viewer by David Taylor (Edinburgh)
The GRIB Viewer version 2 visualises the GRIB data from weather365.net.




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